Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sanctity, Schmanctity – Shut Your Mouth Congressman Sherwood

There are so many things that repulse me about this group of Republicans presently in office that it is hard to rank what stinks most. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the hypocrisy with a little sanctimony sprinkled in for good measure that has been the mainstay of this party for the past 5 ½ years. This Family Values crowd has got the buzz words down pat, but little else.

As I have harped on ad nauseam, Senator Frist is going to reintroduce the Federal Marriage Amendment next month because, as you know, the sanctity of marriage is under attack by those evil homos and we need the GOP to rescue it. And Senator Frist has plenty of little Christian Soldiers ready and willing to step up on their little pedestals and beat on their chests with pious fervor and tell us how they are going to protect your marriage and mine by backing this piece of do-nothing-but-excite-the-bigots-and-hopefully-boost-their-poll-numbers legislation.

Well this little post is dedicated to the Sanctimonious-GOP-Hypocrite of the month: Congressman Don Sherwood R-PA. Congressman Don Sherwood is seeking his fifth two-year term for the 10th Congressional District and has just won the Republican primary. Congressman Sherwood has been married for 33 years and has 3 daughters. Congressman Sherwood also supports the Federal Marriage Amendment.

So why am I picking on poor little ole Don since it certainly appears that his background makes him a good spokesperson for marriage and family values? Well it might have something to do with this:

Police responded to the Washington, D.C., apartment of U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood seven months ago after a woman who was visiting called 911 and reported he choked her.

Sherwood, R-Tunkhannock, says he was falsely accused. He pointed to a police report that stated the woman backed off the claim. He also said he’s the victim of a political smear.

No one has been charged in what the police termed a domestic incident.

“Both parties have left out significant information or are not willing to discuss in detail what actually happened,” Washington Metropolitan Police stated in the incident report.

Cynthia Ore, 29, of Rockville, Md. locked herself in a bathroom and called 911 from her cell phone on the afternoon of Sept. 15, saying Sherwood “choked her for no apparent reason” while giving her a backrub in his apartment on D Street, according to a police report.

Sherwood, 64, told police he was giving Ore a backrub when she “jumped up” and ran to the bathroom, the report stated.

Or this:

Ore said she met Sherwood at a Young Republicans meeting in 1999 and has had an ongoing relationship with him. Sherwood would not get into specifics about the relationship.

Well let me tell you something Congressman Sherwood, your hypocrisy is mind boggling and disgusting. Don’t you ever open your mouth and tell us about the sanctity of marriage again buddy! No, I take that back, yes do open your mouth and apologize for being such a low-life hypocrite and then announce you are dropping out of the race for your seat because you love this country and you know it doesn’t need another scumbag in office. And while you are at it, apologize to all of the gays and lesbians you have smeared while cuddling with your 20-something mistress when you weren’t piously holding yourself up as an example of integrity and morality. I don’t think adultery with a girl young enough to be one of your daughters and choking lovers fall under the Family Values you and your fellow GOPers so dearly love to shove down our throats.

And to those who voted for this man in the primaries. I hope you didn’t vote with Family Values as your top priority because if you did, you’ve been had. This guy doesn’t deserve to pick up your trash let alone tell the country how to protect the Sanctity of Marriage or Family Values.

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