Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can Cheaters Run For President?

Can Cheaters Run For President? Well why the hell not? If they have the unabashed audacity to tell those of us who are married, raised families, weathered the ups and downs of life, and still managed to stay married for 25 years how they can protect the sanctity of our marriages, then why not go all the way out on the limb and run for President of the United States? And oh hey ---- while you are at it boys, tell us again how you are the Party of family values, morals, and ethics. Oh pretty please with sugar on top, make my day, you big bunch of hypocrites.


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Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

"Stands on feet and applauds firmly”
Bravo! Bravo!

Very nicely stated!

Wow, Nailed it!

Keep up the good fight,
There are many who have not bowed!

The Rev.