Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Catholic Church, Sanctity of Marriage, and Annulments (for the right price) - Part 2

Andrew makes another great point about the Catholic Church and their abuse of annulments. And this one should be salt in the wounds to all gay Catholics and those who love them:

Another point about the Kidman farce. If the church is utterly indifferent to marriages conducted by other churches or the state, then why has it devoted so much effort to demonizing civil marriages for gay couples? Shouldn't they be as irrelevant to the Vatican as, say, civil divorce or re-marriages in other churches? The double standards abound. Some of them can be explained by catering to the rich and powerful (the Kidmans and Sinatras and Kerrys); some can be explained by Orwellian-speak (calling divorces "annulments"); but some can only be explained by bigotry and fear. None of it speaks that well of the Church, it seems to me.

Nope, doesn't speak well at all, which is why I have no regrets with my decision to leave... Share

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