Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh Delta, Thank You

I have always been a fan of Delta Burke. I never really could put my finger on any one reason, but I loved her just the same. She just always seemed to me to be so real, so human, and so fun. She also helped put a kinder, softer, less rigid face on my impression of what the Deep South was like.

Well the Advocate has given me one reason to love her even more:

I took this play because I have hope too. Times are changing, folks, because of people like you who are putting a face on being gay, showing the world that you are just like the rest of us. You are God’s creations, and you are perfect. And someday, hopefully in my lifetime, we will have Mark’s perfect world.

So, yes, I believe in gay marriage. I believe in equal rights.

And I too dream of a perfect world. And in my perfect world there will no longer be the need to give Equality Awards, because equality will simply be. Now, don’t think I’m giving this back, because I love awards…and tiaras…and homosexuals. Thank you very, very much. This means so much.

No, thank you Delta.


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