Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh Charles I Loved You When You Were a Phoenix Suns Basketball Player and I Will Love You When You Are a Governor of Alabama!

There is a most interesting article on 365Gay about Charles Barkley right now. But before I proceed any further a disclaimer is in order: I love this bad boy of Basketball. I have never been a big sports fan, but for Charles I made an exception. Because of him I became a Phoenix Suns fan during the time in which he played for them.

I always loved the fact that you knew exactly where he stood on issues. He was not one to mince words and usually there would be controversy not long after he would open his mouth, but he didn’t care. He had a way of making things so much fun with his “let ‘er rip” attitude. I also loved the fact that he had such a strong mother and grandmother and he never missed an opportunity to give them credit for his success and who he had become.

Charles may be older and wiser, but it sounds like he is still the same man I loved years ago:

Charles Barkley was his usual outspoken self during a recent television interview in which he said, among other things, that he advocates gay marriage, believes Republicans have screwed up the country and is "struggling with my idea of what religion is."

Charles then goes on to explain why he changed his party affiliation:

Barkley was a Republican until recently, saying he switched parties when the Republicans "lost their minds." He said he is troubled by some of the actions of people in the United States in the name of religion.

"Religious people in general are so discriminatory against other people, and that really disturbs me," he said. "My idea of religion is we all love and respect. We all sin, but we still have common decency and respect for other people. So right now I'm struggling with my idea of what religion is."

He also said he supports gay marriage.

"I think if they want to get married, God bless them," Barkley said.

And he finishes up:

"I don't know anything about a lot of things, but I would ask somebody and try to make a fair, honest decision for the majority of the people. Not the rich, not the poor, not the black, not the white," Barkley said.

"When you get elected to public office, you're supposed to represent everybody. Your job is not to take care of the rich or the poor or the black or the white. Your job is to take care of everybody."

You know something? I think Charles should forget about becoming a Governor and aim for the Presidency. Hell, he could teach the current President a thing or two.

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