Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And speaking of the ugly face of the Bush base

… any time spent on a non-discrimination policy protecting gays and lesbians is "too much time."

So says Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt’s spokesman, Spence Jackson. Apparently, the esteemed GOP Governor of Missouri has his panties in a twist over a “clarification” of Missouri State University's non-discrimination policy. According to said esteemed Gov the “clarification” is "unnecessary and bad." He further bemoans that "Today's decision bows to the forces of political correctness."

The article goes on to state that the university was acting on a recommendation from a committee looking into ways to improve diversity on campus.

But I guess Governor Blunt doesn't think they need no stinkin diversity! It kind of makes you wonder if there are any Missouri campuses listed in the The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Student.

Well I can tell you this, after reading of Governor Blunt’s very blunt feelings on diversity (code for LGBT) issues, this seething mom will be scratching Missouri off her three kids’ lists of college possibilities. For this family the attitudes of the city and state governments matter as much as the institutions within them.


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