Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rove Has an Image Problem

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll finds that Americans have a more negative than positive opinion of presidential adviser Karl Rove, a pattern that has been consistent over the last year.

Oh come on! I am getting so sick and tired of articles that tip toe around news that should be SCREAMED from the mountaintops. And “Rove has an image problem” is definitely tip toeing. I am sick to death of tip toeing. I want to see headlines like this:

Karl Rove Is an Evil Man Who Has NO Soul and More and More Americans Are Now Realizing It

There! Now isn’t that much better? And it is definitely more fitting of a man like Karl Rove. No pussy footin, just cold hard facts. I mean really now, Karl Rove doesn’t pussy foot when he puts bulls-eyes on the backs of thousands of law abiding gay and lesbian Americans for political gain. Karl Rove doesn’t pussy foot when he attacks anyone who dares to disagree with this administration. Karl Rove doesn’t pussy foot when he decides to smear good Americans with lies and innuendos. In fact Karl Rove doesn’t pussy foot when he does anything because Karl Rove isn’t a pussy. So why should the press be?

The bottom line is Karl Rove is an awful person who knows no boundaries and will stoop as low as he has to and destroy whoever or whatever he has to in order to win. And I am sick to death of reading meek, timid little statements like “Americans have a more negative than positive opinion of presidential adviser Karl Rove”. That kind of statement just makes my blood boil. I mean c’mon, we are talking about a man who uses the vilest and cruelest tactics to achieve whatever he needs to achieve. We are talking about a man who used MY SON in the elections to help rally the most hateful, homophobic, and discriminatory people and get them to the polls. Karl Rove even used his own (gay) stepfather, a man he spoke of:

in a tone of fierce admiration, love, and loyalty, for, as he put it, "how selfless his love had been," as shown by his willingness to play, persuasively, the part of a blood parent for two decades.

Now that is despicable. I cannot imagine the kind of greed for power that would motivate any human being to use someone that they supposedly love in such a vile way for political gain.

I once read a description of Karl Rove (about a year ago) that at first made me chuckle, then made me stop and think, then made me nod in agreement, but now makes me shake my head in disagreement:

A greasy pig whose only distinction in life is his total lack of decency. Rove is decidedly not a genius; he is simply missing the part of his soul that prevents the rest of us from kicking elderly women in the face. His admirers have elevated fanatical, amoral ambition to the status of a virtue, along with lying, cheating, and negligent homicide, all in the name of "values." Quite possibly the worst person in the worst White House in American history.

You know why I don’t agree with that statement? Because that statement gives Karl Rove credit for having a soul, albeit a soul that is missing some important parts. And I don’t believe Karl Rove has a soul. It is the only thing that would explain the ease with which he has wreaked so such mayhem in so many people’s lives without so much as batting an eye. It is the only thing that would explain how Karl Rove operates.

And now there is a new book coming out, The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power, which is probably making Karl squirm a bit. First of all it reveals things that I am sure Karl would rather it didn’t (the fact that Karl’s stepfather was gay is one revelation) and secondly it puts the spotlight on a guy who’s always been most effective when he is slithering under the radar. Well I say hurrah. It can’t happen to a better villain. And may the spotlight be the highest voltage and wattage possible. We need to shine a blinding light on what has been some of the darkest, dirtiest, and creepiest politics this country has ever seen. And if the press is too timid to do it, then let the books start rolling off the printing presses now and keep ‘em comin.

Karl, I will shed no tears when you are just a bad memory. You targeted my son, my beloved child, a person that I would go to the ends of the earth to protect. You made him a target of hate, ridicule, and discrimination. You may have even put his life in danger. You’ve put him in a position in which he will spend the rest of his life fighting for rights that you abuse and take for granted. You have hurt him and everyone who loves him. Now take all of that and multiply it by thousands and thousands and what you get are a lot of enemies. You targeted lots and lots of beloved sons and daughters. You didn’t just piss off this seething mom, you pissed off thousands of loving moms and dads. And you did it for personal and political gain. Your greed for power and your lack of conscience are mind boggling.

May that God you used, twisted, and exploited for political purposes have mercy on your soul --- oops ---- never mind.


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