Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The ugly face of the Bush base - Brains of mush; hearts of stone

I usually leave the job of trudging through the swamplands of freeperville to Pam because I simply do not have the stomach for it. In fact I usually have to skim rather quickly through the hate-filled diatribes and foam-at-the-mouth rants because it is so depressing to see such horrible things coming from the mouths of people who actually consider themselves good Christians. Well there is an interesting article on AlterNet today by Melissa McEwan aka Shakespeare’s Sister discussing this very thing:

Pam Spaulding is a brave woman. She regularly delves into the muck at the Free Republic to see that the Freeper response is to various issues, which inevitably yields a collection of gross lunacy that makes one contemplate whether most of the traffic to the Free Republic emanates from asylums for the criminally insane. Having been reading The Blend for two years now, almost nothing in Pam's regularly culled Freepi twaddle manages to surprise me anymore, but I was particularly disgusted by what she found in response to a wholly inoffensive story about coming out to one's kids which aired on KNBC-4 in Los Angeles.

Within two comments, the rabid nutwits had already invoked bestiality -- "Next, 'How to tell your children you're into beastiality" and "How to tell your children you're a Democrat.'" -- and it only went downhill from there.

You will need to go read for yourself the horror that spews from the mouths of these so called Christians. Somehow I just cannot bring myself to contaminate this blog spot with such filth. As it is I feel the need to go decontaminate myself.


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