Saturday, September 30, 2006

You Didn’t Learn Diddly Squat from the Catholic Church’s Scandal – Now Did You?

As sad and completely outrageous as the Foley story is, the true scandal may just now be unfolding. It seems that prominent members of the House GOP leadership may have known about Representative Foley’s “problem” for as long as 10 or 11 months. It also seems that this Party of Religious and Family Values kind of forgets about those “Values” that they so love to shove down our throats when it looks like putting those “Values” where their sanctimonious mouths are could be politically damaging.

This whole thing sure feels eerily déjà vu of another unsavory, hypocritical, and disgusting scandal by an institution that preaches Religious and Family Values, the Catholic Church. Doesn’t it seem like this GOP is taking a page straight out of the Catholic Church’s “Protect Our Asses at All Costs” handbook? And if that is the case, is act II for the GOP going to be page 2 of the Vatican’s playbook: Blame everything on those evil homos and maybe no one will notice from where the real evil emanates? Share

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