Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And the DUPED keep on getting DUPED

Over at the Carpetbagger there is an interesting post about whether this is the election cycle in which socially-conservative voters move away from the culture war and start voting on their economic self-interest? And his answer is that it depends:

The Washington Post has an article on the front page that contends that voters in Ohio may be moving away from basing votes strictly on far-right "values".

But the Carpetbagger notes that what is happening in Ohio isn’t happening everywhere. Take a look at some of these quotes from voters in Missouri:

“I'm a strong Christian, and I believe if you take care of the values, God will take care of the rest."

"I mostly vote Republican because of the Christian values side of it." Holt said economic issues — what he called "the money side of it" — took a backseat to his other concerns. "I worry more about abortion and gay marriage and all that crazy stuff."

Huh. So in Missouri the Republicans are still the proud owners of the Moral Values high ground. I’m sure Mark Foley and all of his enablers will be glad to hear that. Share

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