Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Attention Evangelicals, you’ve been duped - Part 3

There is a new book coming out by the number two guy at the Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the White House. The book is called Tempting Faith and it is scathing. Some of the things it reveals:

The Bush White House used Evangelical Christians for their votes while consistently giving them nothing in return.

The White House would speak of the Nation’s most famous Evangelicals Leaders behind their backs with contempt and derision, playing millions of American evangelicals for suckers.

Karl Rove’s office often referred to Evangelical leaders as “the Nuts”.

Evangelical leaders would receive hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs as ridiculous, out-of-control, and just plain goofy.

When cufflinks weren't enough, the White House played the Jesus card, reminding Christian leaders that, quote, “they knew the president's faith” and begging for patience.

And well you get the picture. It’s not pretty. In fact it is pretty devastating. The Dobson, Robertson, Falwell nitwit crowd was USED by this Administration in every despicable way possible. And these Snake Oil Christians kept coming back for more. The White House didn’t care, this whole dupe “the nuts” scam was paying them in dividends. Hell, it got them another term in the White House.

Do you hear that Dobson, Robertson, and Falwell? You and your faux Christian Leader companions were nothing more than an easy mark to this good Christian President. He did not give a rat’s a** what you and your whiney, sniveling, hateful cohorts wanted. The Bush White House played you for fools because that is what they knew you to be. Call me what you want, but somehow I find this whole thing rather delightful. As much as I cannot stand this hypocritical group in the White House, I have to thank them for one of the few good laughs I’ve had in the past few years.

But the author, David Kuo, isn’t laughing. He finally left the White House, concluding that "it was mocking the millions of faithful Christians who had put their trust and hope in the President and his administration.”

If you can stomach it, Keith Olbermann gives you the gory details here.

Update: Just found this wonderful piece of advice to David Kuo, which was written back in February of 2005 by Morbo:

So, to Mr. Kuo I say: If you really want to help those in need, take some groceries down to your local soup kitchen. It sounds like they could use the help. But don't rely on Bush and his band to do anything for the down-trodden. Despite his constant talk about his faith, Bush worships at the First Church of Jesus Christ Hyper-Capitalist. The Jesus who told the rich to give away their possessions and spent time comforting those in need is not welcome at that church. He's such an embarrassment.

The president's priorities lie elsewhere. Somewhere there's a millionaire in his McMansion behind the securely locked gates of his planned community contemplating his fleet of SUVs who has not yet received a big enough tax cut. Bush and company have four more years, and by gum, they will find him.

Update #2:
Memo to faithful evangelicals from Andrew:

You get entangled with Caesar and you'll regret it. Conflate politics with religion and you do mortal damage to both.


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