Sunday, October 29, 2006

James Dobson's worst nightmare

After watching this video I completely understood why the James Dobsons, Tony Perkins, and Jerry Falwells of the homophobic underworld want to keep gays and lesbians so intimidated that they remain in the closet and completely out-of-sight. As I listened to this couple I realized that I had completely forgotten I was watching a lesbian couple because I was so struck by the fact that when they talked about their hopes and dreams for their family, they sounded no different than me and my husband or my neighbor and her husband. Their hopes and dreams were no different than any other American family’s hopes and dreams. And it is a god-awful travesty that in this day and age that they should have to fight for the basic rights that everyone else just takes for granted.

And when the conversation turned to how supportive everyone in their neighborhood and community is of them and their family, I swear I could almost visualize James Dobson’s full blown panic attack. This is, without a doubt, James Dobson’s worst nightmare. No wonder these hatemongers are putting everything they’ve got into keeping gays and lesbians oppressed and out-of-sight. If people find out that gay and lesbian families are really no different than their own families, the United Church of Hatemongers will have lost their war. Denying basic rights to the evil gay boogeyman lurking in the shadows is a lot easier than denying Karen, Marcy and their children basic rights. Share

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