Saturday, October 14, 2006

Will Arizona be the first state to reject a marriage amendment?

Ooooh, I am trying very hard not to get too hopeful, but…

From the Advocate:

This year, however, opposition to such a measure in Arizona is currently at 51%, with only 38% of voters supporting it, according to a recent poll, while the proposed marriage ban in South Dakota is opposed by 49% of voters, with 41% in support. In Colorado, which has ballot measures both to ban same-sex marriage and to create domestic partnerships, a recent poll showed that only 52% of voters are in favor of the former but that 58% favored the latter.

Pollsters attribute the erosion of support for marriage bans to better-orchestrated opposition campaigns as well as ever-increasing acceptance of gay people.

And from 365gay:

(Tempe, Arizona) The Tempe Firefighters Association and the Tempe Officers Association Thursday announced their opposition to Prop. 107, a proposed amendment to the Arizona constitution that would ban gay marriage, civil unions and void domestic partner benefits for both gay and non-gay unmarried couples.

"Our organization is opposed to Prop. 107 because it puts our candidate pool for future firefighters at risk," said Rich Woerth, president of the Tempe Firefighters Association.

Also opposed:

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, and former University of Arizona President Peter Likins have also publicly taken a stance against Prop. 107.

I know Arizona is considered a “red” state, but I’ve always believed Arizona is conservative in more of a “leave me the f**k alone and I will return the favor” kind of way as opposed to the religious conservatism you’d find in a state like Utah. Arizonans are a funny bunch, most are quite content “to live and let live” as long as you don’t touch their guns.

Well I am going to have to temper any hopes til November, but I do have faith in the people of Arizona. They’ve pleasantly surprised me in the past. It sure would be nice if Arizona turns out to be the trailblazer on this issue. Maybe I didn’t need to send my son away to a kinder and gentler city to go to school…


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