Monday, November 20, 2006

And speaking of stupid Arizonans, John McCain isn’t fooling Arizonans either

So John McCain wants to lecture us on Common Sense. Well some Arizonans want to give him a pointer or two. Me thinks Senator McCain would do well to step off his “Straight Talk Express” for a bit and listen to his constituents:

So Sen. John McCain thinks that conservatives should return to principles based on "common sense." Great! Here are some suggestions in that regard:

• It violates common sense to invade an Arabic, Muslim nation in defiance of international law, world opinion and the facts.

• It violates common sense to preach secular humanism to the Islamic world while arguing for a Christian theocracy here in America.

• It violates common sense to enact tax cuts for anybody, but particularly for the rich, during a time of war.

• It violates common sense to talk about "fiscal conservatism" while running up the largest debt in history.

• It violates common sense to make second-class citizens out of law-abiding homosexuals, when other nations as disparate as South Africa (formerly the land of apartheid), Spain (formerly fascist) and the Czech Republic (formerly communist) accord them equal rights.

How's that for starters? - Lee Poole, Phoenix

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