Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue Gal is my kinda gal

It seems Blue Gal is not a big fan of James Dobson either:

Dear Reverend Dobson:

I'm just one self-professed Christian here. We both know that you don't speak for me, and I don't speak for you.

I'm disappointed that you are too busy to help Pastor Haggard with his little gay problem, though I suspect he's far better off without your "help." The drug problem has to be addressed first, since it's a symptom, in my opinion, of the self-hatred he's inflicted since who knows when. Watching you throw him under the bus told us much more about you than about him, anyway.

I think we Christians have a huge boulder in front of us called sex. We can't seem to get over the embarrassment and guilt that comes from feeling intense human pleasure. Nevermind that all of us are here, in part, because two people decided to experience that pleasure together. (I certainly hope it was good for both of them in every instance, and that not too much alcohol or Eagles music was involved.)

We can't discuss orgasms in church, and we seem unable to get beyond the whole outside of marriage issue, even though a great many so-called Christians get marriage totally wrong. We can't discuss rape in church. We can't discuss sexual responsibility. What kind of difference could the church make if it made a serious effort to discuss alcohol abuse and sex with young people? If the church told its young men, "hey, getting her drunk is not an option." And told young women, "Look, getting drunk at a party is not "asking for it," but you are losing control of your body anyway. Don't do that. It's self-abuse and it's not, repeat, not attractive." What if we in the church told our young people that sex is terrific, especially when you love the one you're with? And that love is the most important element of a sexual relationship? Do you think we could go there, Mr. Dobson? Do you?

In His name,

Blue Gal

You tell him Blue!


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Blue Gal said...

Thanks much for the linky love and the compliment. I love what you have to say at the top about your son. I have a son the world thinks "abnormal" too (high-functioning autism). It's all the same. Different is not accepted.

Keep blogging and keep the faith.