Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Buying For Equality

I told my husband this morning that I’d like to add Radio Shack to our list of errands we’ll run this week. He asked me why and I mentioned that the inexpensive earphones I use with my MP3 player have finally worn out and I saw a pair I really liked at Radio Shack. And then my husband, who’d sooner go before a firing squad than shop, said, “Well we can’t go to Radio Shack, we need to go to Best Buy.”. This little exchange kind of irritated me. Why in the heck would he care where I buy a pair of earphones? He should be glad I know exactly what I want and will therefore be less inclined to “linger” in the store. So of course curiosity got the best of me and I asked him why Best Buy and not Radio Shack? His response pleasantly surprised me: “because Best Buy gets a 100% in the HRC’s Buying For Equality guide and Radio Shack only gets a 29 out of a 100.

My husband, man of few words, letting his money do the talking for him. And of course, I scratched Radio Shack off my “to-do” list and replaced it with Best Buy.


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