Sunday, February 18, 2007

If only…

If only more people would see the light as this man has:


It's ironic. After years of wanting to change what I perceived as the hardened hearts of homosexuals, God changed my heart instead.

There's one thing I still must do and thus the reason for this post.

To all the wonderful, decent and loving gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the world, I have to ask your forgiveness?

I unfortunately know that I can't undo the hurt that I caused with my condemning words and hateful thoughts, so it seems very insufficient to say I'm sorry.


This is a letter sent to Pam from someone who deeply regrets the hurt he caused so many in the LGBT community with his very misguided “hate in the name of God” rantings. If you haven’t already, it is well worth hopping over to Pam’s place and reading in full.

It filled my heart with both hope and grief. “Hope” that more people will see the light and “grief” that I’d better not get my hopes too high.




Jarred said...

I can identify with this person all too well. I grew up in an ultra-conservative Christian environment and held many of the same views he's apologizing for. It added another dimension of complication to my own coming out process, realizing that in many ways, I needed the support of the very people I didn't treat as well as I should've now that I was admitting that I was one of them.

Seething Mom said...

Don't discount the power of saying "I was wrong." I think those three words take more character, strength, and courage than "I told you so."

I know I can easily forgive someone who can say "I was wrong.". In fact I can not only forgive them, but I also have great respect for them too.

It is the people whose pride, arrogance, and entrenchment in ideology that keeps them from ever considering that they could be wrong for whom I have nothing but contempt and disdain.