Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm not shirking --- really...

Ok, I have to come clean. I went back to work about a month and a half ago. It is a contract with an end. It is a great job with a group of very talented people with whom I've worked off and on in the past and I'm thrilled to be back in the saddle with them again. It is also very challenging, all-consuming, and at times, brain-numbing technical work (and I am the non-geek in the group). But I thought that I could handle it all without much problem.

heh... boy was I wrong.

Between the intensity of this job (which should let up in a month or so), my daughter's lacrosse schedule (for which my husband and I do all the scoring and timekeeping), and my blog, something had to give. And unfortunately, it has been the blog. And it's driving me bananas.

As a result, the symptoms are back: severe talking to myself whenever no one is around (in the car, in the shower, and well you get the point) and sporadic outbursts of seething anger every time I read something that in the past just sent me to the keyboard.

I can't quit. I need the outlet this blog provides me too much. It was and still is more for my sanity (as well as my husband's and my kids) than anything else. But it looks like I will be cutting back somewhat for a while ---- unless ---- my mental health gives out, in which case, I'll find a sub for lacrosse scorekeeping... Share


Jarred said...

Sadly, blogging is the easiest thing to give up when your schedule is so crazy. I've run into the problem myself, and can totally relate. I can also totally relate to how that lack of blogging can affect you.

Jarred said...

Completely off the topic, this story will probably be of interest to you.