Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pope Attacks Proposed Italian Gay Unions Law

Well we knew the Pope wasn’t going to be tickled “pink” over legislation the Prodi government is trying to pass which would allow civil unions for Italian gay and lesbian couples. And he’s NOT. No surprises there, but what is surprising are the balls this Pope must be hiding under his Prada and Gucci vestments (sorry, his hypocrisy brings out the worst in me) if he thinks he’s got a leg to stand on when weighing in on this issue:

"The Catholic Church will continue to proclaim ceaselessly the inalienable greatness of human dignity," Benedict said [emphasis mine], calling on Catholics in legislatures and the judiciary to ensure that "laws always are the expression of principles which promote the authentic common good." [mine again]

Popes seldom directly involve themselves in Italian politics under an accord reached after the unification of Italy when the Vatican was accorded statehood within Italy. Instead they make general and diplomatic remarks that leave little doubt about their intent.

The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano is more direct usually serving at the "unofficial" voice of the Pope. Friday it said that the proposed law "wounded" the family as an institution. [mine again]

Those who read this blog know this Pope is a thorn in this momma’s side. I find his supreme hypocrisy and selective definition of what actions he finds “inherently evil” so heinous and detached from reality that I cannot sit idly by without calling him on it, even if it means repeating myself ad nauseam. How can he think he has any moral high ground upon which to climb and spout off about protecting human dignity and promoting authentic common good? I can’t help but think the guy is seriously delusional.

So I’d like to suggest a better way for him to “promote authentic common good” and “human dignity” while restoring the trust of the millions of faithful his Church so completely trampled for a decades-long period that this Pope seems to conveniently forget about when it suits him. Here is what I propose:


End the stupid, sky-will-fall, world-will-end, families-will-be-destroyed debate about civil unions. It just makes you sound like a shill, paranoid homophobe and inches you closer to irrelevancy each time you open your mouth and weigh in on the subject. And besides, you’re on the wrong side of this argument. The world will move into the 21st century on this issue with or without you. And how ironic that it’s already happening in your neck of the woods (see, I told you: irrelevancy).

Instead, I suggest you direct your energies in a more productive and healing direction by talking about how you can prevent from ever happening again the horror that went on within the Catholic Church for decades. I’m talking about the real destruction of families and human dignity that happened at the hands of your institution, the Catholic Church, with the rapes and molestations of thousands upon thousands of innocent children entrusted to your Church.

Now this will not be easy, but if you are really sincere about wanting what’s best for the family, this is a better strategy than chasing your tail trying to prevent gays from marrying. I propose you begin by lobbying for a law that would incarcerate any priest, bishop, cardinal, or Pope (of course we’ll need to make sure this law is not retroactive) who in any way protects or enables pedophile priests by hiding them in the Vatican or shuffling them from one unsuspecting parish to another.

Now this, dear Pope, is how you protect the family and human dignity.

Seething Mom has spoken. Your move “Your Holiness” …



Darth Gateau said...

Sadly, it's this Pope, whilst still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who did the shifting of paedophiles within the Catholic church and hid them away in unsuspecting parishes. I say feed him to the lions. He's behaving like a medieval pope so let's treat him like one.

Mark said...

Sadly many of whom these animal-like pedophiles victimized, abused, and wounded, are now among those who are walking and living the lie outside God's sexual boundaries. The beast of sexual sin is never satisfied when celebrated, embraced, or protected. I am surprised Catholic churches have but a few left in the pews.

Anonymous said...

I love you Seething Mom, no bs, straight to the point and tell it like it is. JUST GREAT!!!

Jarred said...

I think your advice to the Pope is great. Unfortunately, I doubt he'll heed it. Alarmism and fear seem to be the preferred tools of the ultraconservative contingent, and none of them seem to be interested in giving them up.