Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And the ignoramus speaks again

Coulter says Faggot "isn't offensive to gays" -- It's just a "schoolyard taunt."

Well Ann, tell that to the family of 72-year Andrew Anthos. He found out first hand what your so-called “schoolyard taunts” could lead to:

Anthos, a 72-year-old gay man whose great dream was to light the Michigan State Capitol dome in red, white and blue each Fourth of July, was helping a wheelchair-bound friend through the snow when a fellow bus rider, irked with his singing and spouting gay slurs, bludgeoned him from behind with a metal pipe. Anthos lingered, paralyzed from the neck down, for 10 days before dying.

And Ann, you just keep on talking, because every time you open your hateful mouth you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what an ignorant bigot you are.

I don’t know of many children who suffer daily bullying and “schoolyard taunts” who have the luxury of an array of bodyguards like you do, but something tells me they might beg to differ with your assessment that the word “faggot” isn’t offensive.

Words hurt Ann. Words can do damage Ann. Words have consequences Ann. So shut your mouth Ann Coulter --- you have no idea what you're talking about.



Jarred said...

You know, the way that Coulter and those like her come up with this kind of spin, you'd think we could find a way to harness their madness in order to solve the energy crisis for once and all.

I do have to admit, however, that I tend to believe that words themselves have no power until we invest power in them. As a personal choice, I've chosen to adopt the word "faggot" and its shortened counterpart for myself under certain circumstances. (I grant you that none of those circumstances involve Ms. Coulter. She's still not allowed to use that word in my presence.) Some of my friends have even started using a certain nickname I've given myself as a term of affection for me. And I'm good with that. To me, it's a different use of the same (or similar) word that I've found acceptable. But again, only certain people are allowed to use it.

As for people like Coulter, in some ways, I'd just as soon they continue to use words like "faggot." Quite frankly, even if she cleaned up her act and started using words like "gays," her demeanor would make it clear she's still using that other word in her heart. At least this way, I can give her credit for being honest.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd appreciate hearing that my computer is looking out for my best interest: anncoulter.com timed out before I could follow your link. ;)

So...apparantly I can say anything I want to about ANYONE at any time, because I know what's offensive to other people? And, also, if schoolchildren say it, it's apparantly appropriate for adult use? I'll add those to my list of lessons learned from the right.