Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Episcopals Rebuff Demands on Stance on Gays

I feel such happiness for all gay and lesbian Episcopalians today. How wonderful that their Church is standing its ground on its commitment to full equality for all people, including gays and lesbians. Episcopal bishops made it clear today that they will not abandon or exclude anyone because of who they are. They made it clear that nothing less than full inclusion will suffice. That is what they believe the Gospel teaches.

Now I’d be a wee bit dishonest though if I didn’t fess up to feeling a little bit of sadness mixed in with the great joy I feel over this wonderful announcement today. This amazing piece of news only makes the Catholic Church’s position on gays and lesbians look even more archaic and cruel.

Today is a bittersweet day for Catholic gays and lesbians and their friends and family. It should also be a reality check. The Episcopal bishops chose to move their Church forward today. The Pope is content to keep his Church in the dark ages. But at least he’ll have good company with his Nigerian brethren.

But enough of that, there is no sense in dwelling on the Catholic Church today when we can bask in the enlightenment of the Episcopal Church:

Responding to an ultimatum from the leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion, bishops of the Episcopal Church have rejected a key demand to create a parallel leadership structure to serve the conservative minority of Episcopalians who oppose their church’s liberal stand on homosexuality.


The bishops have a “deep longing” to remain part of the Communion, they said, but they are unwilling to compromise the Episcopal Church’s autonomy and its commitment to full equality for all people, including gay men and lesbians.

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Alicia said...

It seems to be a trend lately, what with the news of what is happening in Judaism, they're accepting gays and lesbians in the Jewish Theological Seminary. Yet I can't imagine the Catholic Church ever changing its stance on that, not until we have a more understanding Pope that isn't condemning people over something they can't control. Gotta say I like this trend though.

Seething Mom said...

Alicia says: "Gotta say I like this trend though."

Me too Alicia, me too.

Catherine + said...

Yeah, rebuff, fluff and buff...hmmm...must have something to do with altar guild. I am pretty jazzed with the House of Bishops finally have the spine they have needed to show for so very long. It is the American way, however. We are always revolting against something the rest of the world tries to saddle us with but then too, sometimes we are revolting, in that we do some pretty dumb stuff generally speaking...where was I going with this??? Just go, fight and win!