Monday, March 05, 2007

Is Ann Coulter the face of today’s Republican Party?

“I'm so ashamed, I can't stop laughing!”

That is a direct quote taken from Ann Coulter’s website. There isn’t an ounce of shame or an apologetic bone in her body. And why would there be? She got what she wanted: attention, a few minutes basking in the limelight, and another opportunity to show America that she can spew hate with the best of em. But I’ll say one thing about her, she knows her audience and she knows what they want. And judging from the applause and laughter, she satisfied their appetite for hateful rhetoric at the expense of others.

After watching the video below taken at the CPAC Conference, I came to the sad realization that Ann Coulter was very much in her element. It took no guts for her to say what she said about John Edwards in that crowd. They ate it up. She no sooner got that ugly word out of her mouth and the audience’s applause and laughter said it all, she was speaking their lingo. So I guess this is today’s Republican Party, love it or leave it. My skin crawls thinking I once thought this party actually represented my values.


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