Monday, March 19, 2007

LEONARD PITTS Jr. is at it again

My goodness Leonard Pitts Jr. has certainly been on a roll lately:

The funny thing is, when George W. Bush came into office what seems like a hundred years ago, I remember thinking that though I disagreed with his politics, it would be good at the very least to have grown-ups -- disciplined, sober, pragmatic -- back in charge of the nation's affairs after the perceived juvenility and shenanigans of the Clinton team. I was wrong.


This is not the way grown-ups behave. It is the ways cultists behave. The willingness to bypass critical thought, the tendency to make one's faith in a man a litmus test, the emphasis on belief, sounds more appropriate to followers of Jim Jones or David Koresh than to high officials of the U.S. government.

Every president has the right to seek subordinates who support his policies. But not at the expense of competence. Nor integrity. Nor loss of life and destruction of property.

Loyalty to Bush is all well and good. But ultimately, these people work for me and you.

Is it asking too much that they show a little loyalty to us?

No, it’s not asking too much, but at this point, it’s probably a big waste of breath.

2008 feels soo far away – I don’t know if I can wait that long. And I really don’t know if our country can take 2 more years of this administration. {sigh}


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