Monday, April 23, 2007

Buh bye Limbo

WOW! So the Pope woke up one morning, had an extra bowl of Wheaties and thought to himself, “hmmmm I’m feeling extra godly and powerful this morning, what stupid, moronic Catholic teaching should I tell everyone we’re discarding this century?”

Let’s see… should it be:

Birth control is evil? No not this century.

Condom use is not ok to prevent AIDS? Not a chance, if someone gets AIDS from SEX, that person must deserve it.

Divorce and remarriage is a BIG no no? Nope, annulments are too profitable for the Church and Lord knows we need the money for settlements right now.

Women must cover their heads in church? Shoot, that would have been a good one, but someone else beat me to it.

Gays are evil? HELL NO! That one never goes – too good of a crowd whipper upper.

Limbo? That’s it! We’ll just tell all those parents who’ve lost infants and agonized over this teaching to never mind, we didn’t really mean it.

Damn it’s fun being so all-powerful, infallible, and holy!


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