Monday, April 16, 2007

Faith in America and a new billboard campaign in Indiana

Pam has a post up at her place with all the details about this great new billboard campaign. You really should go over and read about it. But she wonders (and with good reason) how long before the fundies erupt over this. My guess: not long.

It’s just so nice to see progressive Churches so willing to stand up to the Dobson, Robertson, Falwell bullies on this issue. It feels as though these sanctimonious frauds have gotten away with twisting passages in the Bible to justify their homophobia and hatred for anything that doesn’t fit their narrow view of things for far too long. It's a comforting relief to finally be able to hear (and see) an opposition voice, one that for me comes far closer to representing what Jesus stood for.

I can only imagine the hyperventilation going on over in the Dobson compound over this:

A Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis, Ind., this week began a new media campaign aimed at challenging Hoosiers to re-examine their assumptions about what the Bible says about homosexuality.”


Organizers say this year's project will be bigger and bolder, moving beyond a gentle question to propose a bold answer that some may find unsettling. "In the past, many Christians misused the Bible to support slavery, oppose equal rights for women, and oppose interracial marriage," says Rev. Jimmy Creech, Executive Director of Faith In America. "They went so far as to accuse people on the other side of being unbiblical. The same thing is happening again with respect to same-gender relationships. It has to stop.


The purpose of the Indianapolis Campaign, Pastor Miner says, is to change the whole tenor of the debate over homosexuality. "Right now," Miner says, "most people think this is a debate between people who love the Bible - conservative Christians - and people who want to throw out the Bible - godless homosexuals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Church welcomes hundreds of devout gay Christians who love the Bible deeply. Our goal is to rescue the Bible from misinterpretations driven by cultural prejudice, so its true message of grace, hope, and peace can come through."

And definitely check out the Faith in America website. It’s well worth the trip.



Mark said...

Last I checked, God does indeed discriminate. (Heaven and Hell?) Those who put Christ as Lord of their lives and those who do not. Same sex attractions have nothing to do with it, only in a human inspired wisdom does such destruction both physical and spirit make the Holy list.

Steve F. said...

Hmmm...nice 'snarling-dog' avatar...

Mom, there's a marvelous book that addresses lots of gay-affirming scripture (including these passages). The pastor of Jesus MCC (the church sponsoring the campaign) wrote The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-Sex Relationships by Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley.

It's available on Amazon, but also on the Gay Christian Network "recommended books" page over here, along with other great resources.

One of your not-even-close-to-Godless gay readers -

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