Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dear President Bush – What the hell did you expect?

Could you explain something to me because I am really confused? Why on earth are you so shocked that your “base” is reacting with such venom, hatred, and bigotry over your proposed immigration solutions? As the mother of a gay son, I have watched with anguish for 6 ½ years as you have used those very “qualities” in your base as weapons against the GLBT community with great political success. So why is it now such a surprise to you that those very same “qualities” are rising up to bite you in the ass?

I’m sorry to break it to you sir, but I think your little controlled experiment is now out of control. You purposely created this monster, gave it a voice in your administration, and then spent 6 ½ years feeding and nurturing it with promises of nasty constitutional amendments and hateful laws and now that it has backfired on you when you have a real problem that needs to be solved, you are shocked? Yep, that’s right, the monster you created has a voracious appetite and it is going after a group you didn’t personally approve and you can’t understand why. Well maybe it has something to do with this fun little strategy ripped out of the Rove Handbook of Dirty Politics:

  • Single out a minority towards which your base can easily direct their hatred and bigotry
  • Make that minority a threat to life as we know it
  • Mask the hatred and bigotry under the righteous cloak of Christian Values, Family Values, and Patriotism
  • Propose a solution that promises to keep that minority separate, inferior, and if possible invisible
  • Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of the “divide and conquer” strategy
  • Repeat above steps as needed

Well you got what you paid for. These bigots are all yours, President Sir. And as your party turns on itself and begins to eat its own, the only thing I can say is Bon Appetite.


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