Thursday, June 28, 2007


Today’s Supreme Court decision to severely limit local school board’s efforts to promote racial diversity in schools confirmed my worst fears. With the appointments of Roberts and Alito to the Court this country is going to move backwards when it comes to civil rights and equality.

I am heartsick thinking about how today’s ruling will affect the progress this country has made in racial integration of our schools.

Here is what Justice Breyer had to say:

The last half-century has witnessed great strides toward racial equality, but we have not yet realized the promise of Brown. To invalidate the plans under review is to threaten the promise of Brown. The plurality’s position, I fear, would break that promise. This is a decision that the Court and the Nation will come to regret.

How many more of this Court’s decisions will this Nation come to regret?

I am heartsick thinking about our gay and lesbian children’s fates should their rights be put before this Court. Today’s decision tells me all I need to know about their chances of being treated like first class citizens: slim to none.


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Mark said...

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