Saturday, June 09, 2007

Homosexuality Isn't Natural or Healthy

Or so says Dr. James W. Holsinger Jr., the man our President wants as this country's next Surgeon General. Yes, that’s right, George W. Bush has done it again. Rather than nominating someone who is truly the best person for the position, someone who would be everyone’s top doc, Bush has selected a man so homophobic that his writings reflect a breathtaking anti-gay ideology that trumps sound science and pleases no one but the Dobson base upon which Bush relies heavily to keep his approval ratings from going negative. The rest of the country doesn’t mean a damn to this shallow ugly little man.

Now I know I am a day late and a dollar short on this news. And I’m sure you’ve already read all about Holsinger’s crazy homophobic rantings disguised as good medical science so I won’t bore you with it again. And I am also sure that like me, you are all just shaking your head in complete and total disgust. But I’ll bet that none of you are surprised by the news either. This is just more of the same from a President whose approval ratings are in the 20’s and probably not done sinking to new lows.

So the pressing question for me is this, why would George Bush continue making the same types of decisions and appointments that consistently divide this country and push his approval ratings even farther south? I have been wracking my brain for days now and other than profound retardation or evil, I can think of no other explanation. But now I think I’ve finally heard an explanation that makes sense to me.

I was listening to Randi Rhodes the other day and she was discussing this very topic. She believes that Bush knew this nomination would indeed be very controversial and divisive and that is exactly what he wanted. He also knew it would raise the ire of the Democrats on the committee (the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee) through which this nomination will have to pass first before going before the full Senate for a vote. She also believes that it is who is on this committee that inspired Bush to pick the most controversial, homophobic candidate he could find: three Democratic presidential candidates: Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, and Senator Chris Dodd.

Now why is this important to Bush? Well Bush knew that by nominating this man he would force these three candidates to publicly discuss and defend, in depth, the one thing that consistently proves to send the religious right crazies of the Republican Party into a frothy homophobic bible-beating frenzy: homosexuals. And by forcing these candidates to not only discuss, but denounce Holsinger’s very sick views on (and I’d say sick obsession with) gay sex, Bush hopes to rally his base while simultaneously dealing these candidates a lethal blow. Just like everything else Bush has done while in office, it is not about who or what is best for the country, it is only about who or what is best for Bush and the Republican Party. And if it hurts the country, so be it, that is not and never has been George Bush’s concern.

I truly believe Randi has hit the nail on the head. George Bush has never, ever governed with the country’s best interest in mind, he has only governed with his own political best interests in mind. He may not be as stupid as I once thought, but he is more evil than I ever could have imagined. Share

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