Friday, June 15, 2007

How’d ya sleep last night James Dobson?

I just read something over at Andrew Sullivan’s place that really resonated with me. He has such a magical way of putting into words just what I need to hear to calm the fears I sometimes let get the best of me:

The genius of America, it seems to me, is its capacity to include people of radically different worldviews within a loose, flexible and constantly adjusting constitutional system. Given the huge differences between, say, a born-again evangelical in Georgia and a pot-smoking post-boomer in Seattle, no single cultural strait-jacket can ever hold America together. That's why we mercifully don't have such a strait-jacket, despite the excesses of the cultural left and right. We have a constitution that allows us to live together and even learn from each other in a morass of competing life-choices.

One of the most profound fears I have had since finding out I had a gay son is that the James Dobsons of the world will one day succeed in slipping that "cultural strait-jacket" on America. That they will take our beautiful multi-cultural, diversified country and force it through their black and white lens and virtually destroy the very thing that has set this country apart and made it so great. But then something like what happened in Massachusetts yesterday happens and I realize that even with “God on their side” these people will never succeed. The momentum is just too great and it is growing.

The people of Massachusetts have seen gay marriage up close and personal for a few years now. None of the dire doom and gloom predictions have come true. And life has gone on for most just as it had before gay marriage. James Dobson cannot win against that.

Yesterday was truly a great day for gays and lesbians everywhere. My only regret is that Jerry Falwell didn’t live long enough to feel the agony of defeat right along with his fellow soul mates of hate.


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