Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pitiful Ann Coulter

I wasn’t going to comment on Ann Coulter at all. There’s certainly enough rage floating around the blogesphere without me adding my 2 cents worth. But I just cannot help myself. Just when I think this woman has reached the pinnacle of shameless cruelty, she yet again proves me a naïve idiot.

I have to say that she is as vile a human being as I have ever seen and the contrast between her and Elizabeth Edwards on the Chris Matthews show yesterday could not have been a more blaring example of good vs. evil.

I don’t envy Ann Coulter. She is backing herself into a corner. She is not smart enough to debate the issues on their merit, thus she must resort to a desperate attention-getting shtick of “toxic shock”. And to keep herself in the spotlight she must continually escalate that shock factor, breaking sacred ground as she goes. But using the dead child of a presidential candidate as fodder for political attacks --- and then having the balls to defend that act of horror to the mother of that child while flicking her hair in the wind like some goddess? I could actually feel the acid come burning up my throat. I do not know how Elizabeth Edwards remained so composed, I don’t think I could have.

I’d say Ann Coulter has reached the end of her life cycle in the spotlight (Oh there I go again - underestimating the beast). What on earth could she possibly say or do that could outdo this latest performance?

I am beyond disgust for her. I am beyond hate for what she says and does. All I can do at this point is pity her. She isn’t worth much else. She represents everything I despise about the Republican Party and the state of politics today.



tina said...

Ditto on that!

Jarred said...

I also loved Andrew Sullivan's coverage of Ann Coulter whining about people being mean to her earlier this morning. She's upset because people are calling her a "Nazi" and otherwise "brow-beating" her. Apparently, she considers name-calling and attacking those who disagree with you to be special priveleges that should be reserved exclusively for her.

I thought Andrew's second clip was a perfect response.

Mark said...

I love Ann Coulter! The Edwards are spinless cowards, much like many other progessives.

jarred, name calling? You making stuff up again?

Anonymous said...

I do like how she full well admitted that she's incapable of writing a book without resorting to personal attacks. Hell, it sounded this close to "I can't speak without putting other people down to make me feel better about my blonde self."

That's anyways what I get when someone's logical response to a request to stop cruel attacks is "you want me to stop speaking and writing books?!"

Jarred said...

That connection wasn't lost on me either, anon.