Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun with SiteMeter

Ok, I just had a good belly laugh compliments of SiteMeter, the software I use to track the traffic in and out of my blog.

One of the pieces of information SiteMeter gives me is the “Referring URL” (if there is one) of each visitor to my blog. Someone googled: "I Loathe George W. Bush" and a post from my blog came up #3 in the search results. The title of that post: George Bush – Go to Hell!

Well Mark, I guess you are right. This momma is pretty damn angry! But I make no apologies for my anger. And guess what Mark? I don’t seem to be alone in “loathing” George W. Bush. I know of at least one other person in Saratoga Springs, who isn’t a big fan of this President either.



Mark said...

I don't take great joy in all the things President Bush supports. That fact I say I am a conservative should not necessarily imply I support every Republican. In fact, I don't. Most our too liberal a gutless to take a stand against that which is wrong. Most don't feel comfortable saying there is indeed a truth and a lie, a right and a wrong.

Your angry because Bush won't call a particular sexual act, a virtue. I am at lest pleased to hear you had a good belly laugh! :) I don't even personally know you, but your writing, which is well done, clearly displays a horrible deep seated anger and I for one feel bad at times for you.

I wish nothing but God's wisdom and blessings for you. Happy 4th!

Mark said...

Mrs. Seething Mom, you seem to support a 'homosexual' community no? I guess I am not sure of what is ment by a homosexual community. ? Can you tell me what you think it is and who it is? and maybe where I am wrong and why?

I look at it as those who embrace, celebrate, and desire acceptance of a sexual behavior / act that is against God's word and secondly physically and spiritually destructive. It is a 'community' that wants the foundation of the traditional family destroyed. The very foundation that is the cornerstone for any society. It is the same 'community' that will make right and wrong obsolete and nothing more than a matter of opinion. The same 'community' that believes two dads is as good as a Mother and Father. A 'community' that wants a relative understanding of sexuality to replace any absolute or Godly understanding. A 'community' that reaches far beyond freedom to work, live, and privacy. In fact, one need not have same sex attractions to even be apart of this 'community'. Morality is an opinion, not truth in this 'community'. I want nothing to do with that kind of 'community' if I can help it. The truth is absolute. The truth is in God's word. If the truth conforms to reality, then Christ certainly did just that, no? His miracles and He rose from the dead, eh?

Jarred said...

Seething Mom, you might want to print out one of these before reading the above comment. ;)

Irreverantly yours! *g*

Mark said...

You have no defense other than your opinion it appears? Tell me, why it is people seek a Higher education if all opinions are of equal value? I don't expect you to answer, especially here in public, just think about it.

Jarred said...

Sorry Mark, but I refuse to be drawn into a fight with someone who (1) is simply looking for a fight and (2) is more interested in being right than in exploring the truth.