Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A race to the bottom of the barrel

This is how bat-sh*t crazy I consider the GOP Presidential candidates: it wouldn’t shock me one iota if one of them actually came out with an ad like the one below. Every time I watch one of their primary debates, I feel like I am watching a contest to see who can claim the honor of being the biggest homo-hater, the biggest war-monger, the biggest racist, and of course the most God-like.

This is the most loathsome group of snake-oil salesmen I’ve seen gathered in one place in a long time (with the exception of a Values Voter Summit).

I’m beyond disgusted, I’m sick to my stomach, and I have no faith in or respect for the Republican Party. The GOP Presidential candidates representing this Party are all repugnant, putrid excuses for decent human beings let alone good Christians. God help us if one of these sorry little men becomes the next President of the United States.



Jarred said...

It's frightening when you have to wonder just how much parody is really in a parody.

Jarred said...

By the way, will you be sharing your opinion with us regarding Pope Benedict's recent comments on the obstacles to World Peace?