Friday, March 14, 2008

Just checking in …

Hello out there, remember me? I know it has been a long time, but circumstances in my life these past 7 months just did not leave me enough time, brain space, or emotional umph to give my blog what I’d been giving it in the beginning. Now that is not to say I haven’t been stomping my feet and having hissy fits all this time, because I have, it just means that every bit of me (including my hissy fits) had to be dedicated somewhere else for awhile, and there was nothing left to give at the end of the day. It is just the way it had to be.

I am still not quite at a point where I can come back and give my blog the attention I want, but I am close. My mother is fully recovered (so says the neurosurgeon as of yesterday), we’ve gotten through 5 months of physical and cognitive therapy, 2 major moves from hell, and a few other incredibly big and stressful things including buying a very dilapidated condo that we gutted and redid for my mom to move into. And happily, my husband and I got through all of this in good enough shape (read: still speaking to each other) to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

BUT we have one more thing that we must do before I can come back and start contributing (read: seething) again and that is go to the Ukraine and visit our “straight” son who is in the Peace Corps teaching economics (and classes on lgbt & gender issues on the side because he saw a very big need for it). We were supposed to go last September, but my mom had that bad accident which resulted in a very serious brain injury in August and of course, there was no way I could leave the country with her in such dire condition. So now that life is back within normal range for us (knock on wood), we leave on Wednesday for the Ukraine for 3 weeks and then come back and start preparing for our “gay” son’s graduation from college (and what a journey his last four years have been – and what an incredible young man he has become).

So life has taken some pretty amazing twists and turns, some I’ve detailed here, some I have not, but nothing that really sets me apart from anyone else. That is just the way the way life goes. There is no “how to” manual for handling what comes at us, but I can say this, having “real” family values, not “James Dobson-Pat Robertson” family values got me through this. And I dare one of these religious extremists to tell me to my face that my definition of “Family Values” is the twisted version – it might be the last debate they have. This Seething Mom along with millions of Americans live “real” values every day and I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of them hijacking these concepts and using them to hide their own phobias, bigotry, and hatred.

So please forgive me for my continued absence, which hopefully won’t last too much longer…

Love you.

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