Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Happy Day: California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban

What great news:

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — California's Supreme Court quashed a ban on gay marriage in a historic ruling here Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America's most populous state free to tie the knot.

And of course I am thoroughly elated and walking on air. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit being a bit worried as well. This ruling will draw out every wingnut and religious crazy from their dank little caves. And once again we’ll be privy to their over-the-top rantings about everything from “activist judges legislating from the bench” to “marriages and the family being doomed forever”.

Thankfully Andrew nips the “legislating from the bench” argument in the bud by reminding said wingnuts and religious crazies that:

… the California state legislature, presumably part of California's representative democracy, has already voted twice to grant marriage rights? Does he know that the governor of California is backing the court? Or does he not care? How is it a "puscht" [sic] when the court actually upholds the legislature's decision?

But facts don’t matter to these people. Their desire to marginalize and degrade a whole segment of American society by enshrining discrimination and their second class status into our constitution trumps all else - their homophobia and ignorance a breathtaking spectacle to behold.

I just don’t understand these people. Granting gays and lesbians the right to marry and form families like everyone else will only contribute to a more stable society, not destroy it. My God, how can they even talk about protecting marriage with a straight face? We hets haven’t needed any help making a mockery of the institution all by ourselves. If these people really cared about the institution of marriage they’d be out working to alleviate real dangers like spousal abuse, joblessness, absentee fathers, divorce, adultery, etc., etc., etc.

It all seems so ludicrous to me, especially today. I woke up this morning knowing that the big California Supreme Court decision was coming down today. I waited impatiently for 10am to arrive and the big announcement to be made, then 2 hours later my husband and I met a longtime friend of ours for lunch. He is newly divorced ----- for the 6th time.

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Queers United said...

this is such wonderful news

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I believe we're talking about groups of people who ultimately think everything is destroying society. I can't begin to imagine what kind of damage such constant alarmism must be doing to them.

-- Jarred.

Jan said...

So glad. Hope it "spreads."

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Whee! I want to get divorced SIX times!

Um. No. No, I don't. I'm already dp'd. We would have to go to divorce court (here in California) if we were to split. I like being married, even though up till now I haven't had "legal" access to the name. I'll get used to that, I think.

Gretchen said...

I totally agree! My partner and I are getting married June 28, and we couldn't be happier! Now we'll be (gasp!) LEGAL!