Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos is an affront to decent patriotic Americans everywhere

I don’t know about anyone else but I cannot believe Rush Limbaugh could so blatantly push such an un-American, unpatriotic stunt like “Operation Chaos” on his radio show and not get slammed for it. I mean, c’mon, isn’t it the Republican Party that’s so quick to label people unpatriotic and un-American over petty stupid things like not wearing a lapel pin? Then why pray tell aren’t these same so-called patriots not having conniptions over someone blatantly trying to throw elections and subvert the will of the people? Isn’t this Operation Chaos an open in-your-face way to tell people their votes don’t mean sh*t?

I’m so ticked I could spit.

Sure, I know Rush is an egotistical, hypocritical, racist, bully blowhard, but I usually just avoid him and the airwaves on which he spews his hyper-partisan drivel. But it is impossible to avoid his latest antics, which I consider to be an all out attack on one of the most basic foundations of our Democracy, our elections. By calling all dittoheads (dimwits?) in precincts with open primaries to cross over and skew the election results by voting for Hillary Clinton, the candidate they consider least likely to beat the GOP candidate, John McCain, Rush is robbing Americans of one of their most basic rights, the right to fair and honest elections.

Rush Limbaugh has crossed a line and should not be allowed to get away with it. And what makes this whole thing all the more repulsive is that Rush Limbaugh cannot stand John McCain and has missed no opportunity over the past decade to let his listeners know that. For him it is not about who is the best person to lead this country, it is strictly about “his side” winning, regardless of who “his side” is putting out there.

And as for the mouth-breathing zombies who march to the polls to carry out Rush’s commands, I am still trying to figure out if they are simple-minded morons who cannot think for themselves or something far more devious and putrid, especially after reading this kind of garbage on Rush’s own website:

"Rush, at 8:15 a.m. this morning I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Indiana primary. It was tough. I showered twice. I threw up a little bit in my mouth, but I did it. It was an honor to follow your orders. Matthew Sullivan, Shoals, Indiana."

Or this:

"Greetings from small-town Indiana. Well, I got up late this morning, put on my old tie-dye, rode my bicycle to the polling place. The lady asked me, 'Republican or Democrat?' almost swallowing my tongue, I mumbled, 'Democrat.' I cast my vote for Hillary. The day gets worse. The beer store is closed on Election Day. I can't even get the taste out of my mouth, but I'm a loyal soldier. Chris Long."

This country is limping to the finish line of George W. Bush’s presidency, a victim of 8 years of disastrous policies, horrible leadership, and too many open oozing GOP-inflicted wounds to count. At this point most people I talk to, both Republicans and Democrats are either dealing with unmitigated fury with the GOP or severe depression over the big mess we are in. Wouldn’t a true patriot, regardless of party loyalties, put their country first, no matter their party affiliation and vote for the best candidate and not the person most likely to lose to “their guy”? I think so, but I guess not if you are Rush Limbaugh or one of his dittohead goofballs.

This is not patriotism – this is a blatant and unabashed attempt to sabotage election results and it is evil. Rush Limbaugh represents everything that made this life-long Republican voter run away as fast as she could from the Republican Party. One really has to wonder if deep down people like Rush realize their party is in deep trouble and that the only way they are going to win elections is to either steal them or sabotage them. Either way, I feel deep shame that I was ever affiliated with this sad and pathetic party, they don’t represent any of the values I hold near and dear to my heart.

Update: I guess I am not the only one who finds what Rush is doing appalling:

Chris Matthews:

It’s doesn’t surprise me that Rush Limbaugh and his dopey listeners are stooping to such levels. They’re desperate, after all, considering their party’s nominee is promising to extend the policies of the most unpopular President in history…a President they have championed all along. The thought of the conservative beast dying terrifies them. And what better way to prevent that than making a mockery of American democracy and sabotaging the other party? It makes perfect sense in their twisted, little minds.

Or this special comment also by Chris Matthews:

anyone who voted to screw up the political system of this country with the purpose of mischief should carry that with them the rest their lives.” He called it “a ridiculous way to use the vote for which people fought and died,” sarcastically remarking: “I hope you're proud of yourself.


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Chimera said...

Well, this topples me off the fence. If Limbaugh prefers Cinton, I'm for Obama. The Republicans are afraid of him, and that's good enough for me!

Articles and speculation about Obama say that he's pro-choice when it comes to reproductive rights for women, and public support is going his way in waves. With an attitude like that, he may very well be the guy to get same-sex couples the rights to which they are entitled, as well.

Nice to see you're all safely home.