Friday, June 20, 2008

A great letter to the editor – couldn’t have said it better myself

We are slowly inching our way home, but our stay in California during this historic time has been so exhilarating that I really don’t want it to end. Being here has helped me imagine what it will one day be like in all 50 states when everyone is free to marry the person they love, regardless of whether it pleases the James Dobson/Pat Robertson crowd. And it was especially heartening to see that the only letter printed in the San Francisco Chronicle on the subject of gay marriage in California this morning was one written by someone our side. It just made that hot cup of coffee I was sipping with my husband, mom, and brother all the more sweet:

Bible tells me so

Editor - Of course, with a sufficiently twisted homophobic mind, you can find support in the Bible for denying an estimated 10 percent of humanity equal rights. However, why would the Bible be right on this single point? It is wrong on just about everything else, from the age of the world to the shape of it, from the dynamics of the solar system to how animals, including humans, came into existence.

And when it comes to ethics and morality, including the treatment of women and how to punish the most inconsequential transgression, the Bible sets a horrible, immoral example.

So why this sick emphasis on a single issue of equal rights, which hurts no one, but makes the life of many much happier? Who can find satisfaction in knowing that others are less happy than they could be? What happened to the old, time-honored phrase: Mind your own business?



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Jan said...

I'm glad that letter got written. AND I just received today from Amazon a dvd entitled "The Bible Tells Me So," which features Bishop Robinson among others.