Tuesday, June 03, 2008

John McCain’s policies towards Gays and Lesbians: “NO YOU CAN’T”

Yep, that’s good ole McCain’s message to all gays and lesbians.

No you can’t:

  • · Be treated equally.
  • · Marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • · Expect the same protection from job discrimination that straight people do.
  • · Be covered under federal hate crime laws.
  • · Serve openly in the military.
  • · Adopt children.

And Mr. McCain has promised his precious Religious Right that he will make sure that gays and lesbians will continue to be denied these basic rights by selecting Justices to the Supreme Court who will make sure that John McCain’s policy of “NO THEY CAN’T” lives on long after he’s gone and just another bad memory.

Ok, people, we finally have a Democratic Nominee. Now it is time to unite behind him and make sure he is the next president of the United States. This country just cannot afford four more nightmare years of a Republican in office. And for gays, lesbians, their families, friends, and allies, the stakes could not be higher.

So we must make our message clear: NO YOU CAN’T BE OUR PRESIDENT MR. MCCAIN! WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!


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