Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reporting to you live from California

Hello from Lake Tahoe, California. We are here for a couple of days visiting one of my brothers. And is this ever wonderful timing! Not only is the weather amazingly gorgeous, but the air is saturated with the excitement, joy, and jubilation of a whole segment of Californians who can now do what their straight counterparts have always been able to do --- get married.

And it is all the media can talk about. Everyone is getting caught up in it.

One just has to wonder how comfortable Californians are going to be taking this right away from their fellow Californians 5 months from now when another marriage amendment shows up on the ballot here. It is going to take an awfully cold heart to nullify all these marriages.

Something tells me, it won’t be easy for most people. Every single amendment on the California Constitution grants rights to the people of California. If this amendment passes, it will have the dubious honor of making history for taking rights away. Is that something people can live with?

We shall see…


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Jan said...

YAY for California! Have fun!