Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Well that didn’t take long now – did it?

Well, well, well, the stench of desperation is already wafting in the air. Can you smell it? Senator Obama wins the nomination last night with his messages of hope and unity and today we have Senator McCain looking for ways to counter those messages and win the love of his not-so-adoring base.

So what is an old warn-out politician who has abandoned most every principled stand he’s ever had so that he can represent a party that is now so loathed and reviled by a majority of Americans (many of them former Republicans) to do?

Why ---- run on a Rovian platform that worked so well for George W. Bush in 2004 of course: Protecting the Sanctity of Marriage.

Never mind that most Americans don't really have time for such hooey when they're barely keeping their heads above water worrying about how they're going to pay for that next tank of gas to get to work and support their families, or how they're going to pay for their health insurance and support their families when they lose their jobs, or how they'll pay their next house payment to avoid losing the roof over their family's head, or how they'll feed their families with the rising cost of food, or how a tanking economy is going to affect their families, or how we are going to end this seemingly endless war in Iraq that has killed and maimed and broken so many families.

Never mind that one need not dig very deep before they discover the complete irony of John McCain wanting to protect anyone's marriage when he himself made such a mockery of the sanctity of his first marriage. It certainly wasn't the evil gays that broke his first marriage up and left his first family in a shambles while he trotted off to live happily ever after with his second wife:

After a whirlwind courtship, John asked Cindy to marry him. But there were some details to clear out of the way.

McCain needed a divorce from his wife of 14 years, Carol, who had been badly injured in a car accident while McCain languished in Hanoi.

The marriage had been strained by his years of absence, along with McCain's admitted affairs after returning from Vietnam.

So this is the man who wants to be our president and protect the Sanctity of our marriages. How completely pathetic.

But I guess when that’s all he’s got, he needs to run with it and hope the American people are stupid enough to buy into this stuff again. Why else would he make this statement:

I welcome the news that the people of California will have the opportunity to decide on the question of the definition of marriage, rather than having that decision made by judicial fiat as the California Supreme Court asserted in their recent ruling.

Well Mr. McCain, this seething mom has had it with sanctimonious frauds like you. My son’s rights should not be decided by mob rule and I don't think this country needs another president who would even bring this nonsense up when our country is in such dire straits. We desperately need a leader who isn't going to play dirty divisive politics when there are so many real problems threatening American families today. If you can't convince the American people that you are the man to handle the real issues facing Americans today without using faux threats, then maybe you should quit while the quitten is good. But please sir, don't waste our time with made-up issues, guaranteed to whip your base into a frothy frenzy, but insult everyone else's intelligence. It's a transparent ploy that isn't going to work this time and you'll just end up looking like an an old stupid fool.

And um, just a piece of advice... maybe you'd better think long and hard before even bringing up the sanctity of marriage as an issue in your campaign. Something tells me it really might not be one of your stronger points.

Just sayin...


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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the way to fight McCain on this issue is to push him on it and force him to answer some difficult questions. For example:

"Mr. McCain, how do you justify the fact that for companies to currently offer medical benefits to same-sex partners, those benefits have to be treated and taxed differently than benefits extended to spouses?"

"Currently, other than legal marriage, no universally applicable method exists to ensure that a person's same-sex partner is recognized as the person authorized to make medical decisions when one is unable to such decisions for oneself. How do you propose to ensure same sex couples that this vital right is universally protected on their behalf if you deny them marriage?"

"Currently, inheritance laws in many states favor blood relatives and legal spouses. This state of affairs has enabled many non-supportive family members to ignore or challenge the final wishes of a deceased person in regards to his or her same sex partner's share in the inheritance. How do you propose to prevent future such travesties of justice given your stance on same-sex marriage?"

I think that forcing McCain to address just what it is he's opposed to and how non-existant his "other solutions" are would be an effective way of forcing him to either abandon his position or watch it cost him even more support.