Saturday, July 05, 2008

Conservative Icon = Jesse Helms ---- enough said

From MSM headlines to opening paragraphs:

Former Sen. Jesse Helms, an unyielding champion of the conservative movement

Conservative icon Jesse Helms dead at 86

An icon of the conservative movement, Helms was elected to five terms in the Senate and served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Jesse Helms, Beacon of Conservatism, Dies at 86

I guess this helps explain why I recoil in revulsion each time I hear the word Conservative. That this man was one of their heroic icons and beacons of conservatism speaks volumes. Jesse Helms was an unapologetic bigot and homophobe whose caustic influence will be felt in this country for years to come.

God forgive me, but I cannot feel anything but contempt for this man and his toxic legacy and I shall shed no tears now that he is gone.



Anonymous said...

It's not everyone who's death is celebrated nation-wide with family gatherings and fireworks.

Jan said...

Wonder what he found on the other side.