Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fox News’ Fred Barnes has some advice for John McCain

So that is Mr. Barnes advice. Use those scary law-abiding, tax-paying gay and lesbian Americans --- there’s no better way to get people to vote against their own best interests than to scare them with Rovian wedge issues like gay marriage and gays in the military:

And Steve Benen believes we most likely will be seeing more of this kind of dirty divisive campaigning since McCain seems to be “direction-less” right now. And as Steve also points out, Mr. McCain already has the right people with the right experience in place to change all of that:

the same conservative Republican strategist who helped shape Jesse Helms’ divisive campaigns is now the lead strategist for John McCain’s campaign. Harry Siegel explains that it was Charlie Black who was there to guide the racist campaign of a racist candidate.

So with Charlie Black now on the McCain team, I guess we all better brace ourselves for things to get ugly. It doesn’t take a big leap in the thought process to expect that my son and thousands of other gay and lesbian sons and daughters are only valuable to John McCain as expendable weapons. Otherwise they mean nothing to him.

Am I being a bit melodramatic? I don’t think so, one doesn’t hire filth like Charlie Black if they are planning on running an honorable and principled campaign. Mr. Black is there for one reason and that is to get John McCain elected – no matter what the collateral damage may be.

Go read Steve’s entire post. Charlie Black is a pig who had no problem groveling in sewage in order to get the racist, homophobic Jesse Helms elected. I doubt very much he’s changed much since then.

I can only hope that most people are finally seeing what this Republican Party is all about but I am not very hopeful. Living in a pretty conservative area with a lot of SUV-driving, McMansion millionaires, I am constantly shocked into reality by the number of people who strictly vote their pocketbooks, and for these people, it is all about taxes and what affect them personally. Absolutely NOTHING ELSE matters.


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