Sunday, November 16, 2008

Props 8 & 102 sent a loud and clear message: Who needs a legistature when we have The Mormon Church?

That's right, I am saying that the Mormon Church just succeeded in enshrining their religious beliefs into our constitutions, and they did it with 20 million dollars, armies of Mormon foot soldiers, and at least 11 years of planning.

Don't believe me, then check this out:

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - On Election Day, LDS Church members helped pass the Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban in California.

But now, a new internal LDS Church document has surfaced, one showing the Church's involvement and strategy going back more than a decade.


It deals with the issue of same-sex marriage and it is dated, March 4, 1997.

This eleven-year-old memo gives a glimpse into President Gordon B. Hinckley's strategy for dealing with same-sex marriage.

It talks of a meeting with President Hinckley who reportedly said to "move ahead" with the church's opposition to same-sex marriage.

This memo also discusses joining forces with the Catholic Church, saying:

"...the public image of the Catholic Church is higher than our Church. In other words, if we get into this, they are the ones with which to join."


And this is a key point.

President Hinckley's 11-year-old strategy of opposing same-sex marriage and partnering with the Catholic Church helped lead to the passage of Proposition 8 and a new ban on same-sex marriage.

Need more proof? Then consider this:



New reports show that nearly sixty thousand LDS Church members have contributed some twenty million dollars to support Proposition 8, representing nearly 80 percent of all reported pro-Prop. 8 money.

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