Friday, December 05, 2008

"That's so gay" is not OK

So how long before we see the usual suspects get their panties in a collective twist over this:

The Ad Council and GLSEN have teamed up for a campaign, ThinkB4YouSpeak, intended to educate young people about homophobic language and its consequences. To that end, they've enlisted Wanda Sykes and Hillary Duff to appear in two PSAs that draw attention to the phrase "that's so gay" and its interpretations.

The ads are below, check them out. I'm not sure how much they will help with the problem they are intended to solve. But I'd be willing to bet the farm on the problems they will cause with homophobic organizations like Focus on the Family, which far prefer that our gay and lesbian youth remain targets of bullying and harrasment rather than be treated with the same respect their straight counterparts receive.

Afterall, what better way is there to keep children that don't meet the Focus on the Family standards for normal invisible than to keep them closeted and in fear of getting the snot beat out of them?


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