Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mapping the bigots

Ahhhhh the wonders of technology. Now with just the click of a mouse we can actually see a map which pinpoints where the supporters of California's Prop 8 live. But, as a reader on Andrew Sullivan's blog so painfully found out, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes too much information can feel like a punch in the gut:

Wow....that Google map of Prop 8 donors in California was like a gut punch to me. I was raised LDS and I have family scattered throughout the Golden State. To a person, all of them have been extremely loving and kind toward me and my partner of 15 years. On a lark, though, I zoomed in on the cities and neighborhoods where my relatives live. What do I find but that one of my own aunts, in San Diego, contributed $200 to the Prop 8 cause last summer. This same aunt, a good person I honestly believe, has even invited me and my partner to stay with in her family's home. Call me naive, but I'm kind of having trouble wrapping my brain around this seeming contradiction.

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