Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phelps Clan: Yes, we are spreading a message of hate

I wanted to post another video news clip from a later broadcast of the Phelps clan's visit to my neighborhood. Apparently the opposition was organized and ready for this face off with these hate-mongers and they used Facebook to get the word out. Ahhhh the beauty of technology.

I hate to say this, but we've had block parties with much less turn out. Forget the beer and brats, just start a Gay-Straight Alliance at your neighborhood high school and wait for the hate-filled Phelps clan to show up. Nothing brings a community together better than having this group of Neanderthals show up on your doorstep to tell you how evil your children are.

Westboro Baptist Church: the gift that keeps on giving: Link to clip is here. (Note: not sure why this video clip when embedded autoplays, but I am blurry-eyed from trying to find the problem in the code, so you will just have to link to the video, which imho is worth seeing. Sorry about the inconvenience.)


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