Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uh oh - Looks like the movie, Prayers for Bobby, is making so-called "Family Advocate" organizations very uneasy

Having read the book, "Prayers for Bobby", I can completely understand why the flop-sweat is starting to flow within organizations like Focus on the Family.

Any family who has a gay child and has chosen to accept, support, and love unconditionally that child knows full well just how damaging organizations that claim to be Family Advocates can be to their families. It didn't take me long to realize that organizations like Focus on the Family and The Family Research Council are my family's worst nightmare.

"Prayers for Bobby" tells an extremely gut-wrenching story that I'm sure is making quite a few of these faux Family Values organizations squirm. So they are doing what comes naturally to them when backed into a corner, they are going on the offensive, and throwing in a few "blame the parents of the gay child" statements for good measure:

The Lifetime Channel is airing a controversial new movie this weekend in which conservative Christian parents shoulder the blame after their gay-identified son commits suicide. "Prayers for Bobby," based on a true story from the 1970s, stars Sigourney Weaver.

Family advocates are concerned the film tells only half of the story, leaving out the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.


Johnston said the movie does send a strong message about the importance of fathers.

“Boys need dads who are loving and strong," he said, "but who reach out to them when they are struggling with sexuality or sexual issues.”

Please forgive me for getting a bit emotional here, but, GO TO HELL FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. The truth can be brutal. And this movie tells the full and very brutal story of how damaging organizations like yours are to families like mine.

We will never know just how many children have been thrown to the streets like garbage or pushed into prostitution or driven to drugs or suicide because of you, but I am sure the numbers are high. And no amount of bible thumping or parent-blaming on your part is going to wash the blood of all these children from your hands. Share

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