Sunday, March 01, 2009

Could China beat the U.S. to marriage equality?

Note: this post is dedicated to my dear friend in china whose name shall remain anonymous


There is still no legal protection against discrimination in China and few role models: no mainstream figures are openly gay. Yet now parts of China's gay
population are calling for the right to wed - and meeting with some sympathy.

I am probably a bit premature with my excitement here. But I am certainly struck by the irony when I think about the possibilities. I had to read the above snippet twice in order for it to sink in, we are talking about China and gay marriage in the same sentence. And I definitely think it begs the question Andrew asks, "Wouldn't it be amazing if China got there first?"

Here is a snippet from the article that got Andrew asking the question:

Li's research in cities suggests about 91% of people are happy to work with gay colleagues - a higher rate than in US surveys - and that 30% back gay marriage.

She argues that Chinese culture has historically been more tolerant than others: "We don't have religions which are absolutely against homosexuality, for example. But the pressure to marry is huge - far greater than in the west." Han, 27, thinks her parents know she is a lesbian. "But my mum told me I must have experience of marriage, no matter how long it lasts. I don't think she hopes to change my sexuality, she just thinks my life will be more stable," said the media professional.

Say what you will, but I believe organized religion of the right-wing whacko bent is going to continue to be this country's biggest road-block. And once again, I'll quote Andrew: "If you decouple the notion of "family" from fundamentalist religion, same-sex marriage is revealed as the socially conservative reform it actually is."

Damn! I get so depressed when I think about the number of people in this country who are perfectly content letting others define what is moral for them. And I get downright enraged when I think of the years that people like Ted Haggard had a U.S. President's ear when it came to legislating my morality. My God that just fries me.

I hope China does beat us to the finish line on this one, we'd deserve it for letting a bunch of odious, hypocritical, sanctimonious frauds with more sexual hang-ups than Carter has pills define what is and isn't a sin. Share

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