Sunday, April 26, 2009

RIP Bea Arthur

I was a huge fan of The Golden Girls. And so were my kids. They were pretty little when the show was at its peak popularity and I suspect that most of the jokes went right over their heads, but still, it was so much fun to cuddle up with the three of them on those cold Minnesota nights and watch those zany, sexy women entertain us. And it probably didn't hurt that I would let them stay up past their bedtime just to watch this show.

So it was with great sadness that I learned that one of those beautiful Golden Girls, Bea Arthur, died this weekend.

I shall always be grateful to these magnificent women for the good laughs and priceless memories they gave my family.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Judy Shepard Calls For Hate Crimes Law

Can someone please explain to me why Judy Shepard has had to wait 10 long years to see whether Congress will pass legislation that will add "actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability" to Federal Hate Crime laws?

Honestly, how can anyone look this mother in the eye and tell her that her son was not the victim of a horrible crime because he was gay? Oh --- that's right, the Religious Right folks have no problem whatsoever telling her why her beloved son's murder should not be considered a hate crime.

From American Family Association:

America’s most basic freedoms of speech, conscience and the free exercise of religion are under attack and the time to act is now. If President Obama succeeds with his priority of passing the Hate Crimes law, H.R. 1913 - the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, it could lead to the criminalization of the Biblical view of homosexuality in sermons and elsewhere. An offended homosexual could accuse a pastor, Sunday School teacher of broadcaster of causing emotional injury simply by expressing the Biblical view that homosexuality is sinful. [sic]

I honestly didn't think it was possible, but these fear-mongering, hateful Christian frauds have actually managed to make the argument all about them and their possible victimization should this law get passed. And Matthew Shepard? Ah well he's just an inconvenient little detail they long ago swept under the rug.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The sky didn't fall in Massachusetts, but that hasn't stopped the professional Christian crowd from telling everyone it will

I post this not for the James Dobsons, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallaghers, and all of the other fear-mongering, bible-thumping homophobes, but for those who genuinely don't know what to expect should same-sex marriage become a reality someday. In other words, I post this for reasonable people who don't realize that just because a person proclaims to be a "good Christian" doesn't mean they cannot lie through their teeth when it comes to gays.

From Empire State Pride Agenda:

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh My God, Hell froze over while I've been gone

Yes, I know, I've been awol again. There is so much going on in my life right now and so little time to deal with it all without something taking a direct hit. And I apologize that it has been this blog that has suffered the neglect, but right now, there are things that must take priority. But I can assure you that this is in no way an indication that my passion and seething anger has abated. It has not.

But something huge has happened that for me is even bigger than what has been happening recently in Vermont, Iowa, New York, Washington state, and elsewhere. And that is the queen of icy, hateful homophobia has had a change of heart (quite the anomaly when you consider this woman has a heart of stone):

My God! This is huge! This is the very same woman who has spent years arguing with an unmovable certainty that gays were nothing but biological errors and she just said committed same-sex relationships are “Beautiful” & “Healthy”. I am flabergasted.

The tides are turning. No wonder the homophobes are getting more desperate and shill. Share