Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dear Marie Osmond,

From one mother of a gay child to another - thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support for your daughter is touching - and very brave. You didn't have to come out so publicly, but you did, in spite of your own church's very public anti-gay stands. It proves one thing I already knew, there is no match for a mother's (or a father's) love for their child:

Marie Osmond was on radio station KOST 103.5 Los Angeles yesterday, discussing her lesbian daughter Jessica and Marie's beliefs.

Contrary to rumors, Marie spoke of how much she loves and supports her daughter, despite her own religious convictions.

Naturally, the gay marriage question came up, and, we're proud to say, Marie spoke in support of civil rights for everyone, regardless of orientation.

The Mormon Church (in your case) and the Catholic Church (in my case) is wrong. Dead wrong. Sinfully wrong. Unforgivably wrong. And I hope God will forgive them their sins against our children because God only knows I cannot.

Audio at this link.

H/T: Queers United Share

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