Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So the Catholic Church is now going to make us choose - gay loved one or the Church?

This ad has some within the Catholic Church really, really upset. In fact so upset that they are demanding the ad be taken down:

And here is the reaction from the conservative Catholic group that is demanding the ad be removed from the airwaves, President Brian Burch said, "For decades gay and lesbian groups have attacked the Catholic Church for refusing to accept their skewed views on human sexuality and marriage. Having lost that battle, they have now launched this desperate and despicable attempt to curry favor with Catholics by pretending that the Catholic faith supports their radical agenda."


"Everybody knows the Catholic Church is opposed to counterfeit marriages . . . . For homosexual groups to suggest that the Catholic Church believes otherwise is disingenuous, dishonest, and an insult to the intelligence of Catholic voters in Maine," said Burch.

"We call on Protect Maine Equality to stop lying about our faith and to immediately pull this ad from the airwaves and from YouTube," said Burch.

So an ad depicting a good Catholic woman with a gay son, who unlike me, chose to remain a practicing Catholic in spite of the Church's cruel and hateful stand on homosexuality is now considered a threat to the Church.

I guess this means that if you are Catholic and have a loved one who is gay or lesbian, there is no in-between. You can remain in the Church, but you must remain silent while they descriminate and encourage hate and homophobia towards your love one, or you can leave the Church.

Good to know I made the right decision by walking away. And so did my husband, my three children, my mother, my four brothers and their families, numerous cousins and friends, ...

Good going Catholic Church. At the rate you are going, the only people left in your pews will be the ones looking for the biblical cover you so gladly provide them to be homophobes and haters.

More from Box Turtle Bulletin:

Remember the ad featuring the Catholic Grandma advocating for marriage equalityon behalf of her son and grandson? Apparently Catholics aren’t allowed to express an opinion., a conservative group out of Chicago, is demanding that the ad be taken down, claiming that it distorts Catholic teaching. It doesn’t, of course. It represents one woman’s ability to integrate her faith with her family, which we all know is a very dangerous thing for people who fight against families like hers. To these people, standing up for your own grandson cannot be tolerated. After all, that would be anti-family.

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Jan said...

BLAH. I'm glad I'm not Catholic. My daughter sent me a satirical article from theOnion.